"Connecting Worlds Apart into One"


Campground USA is a multinational recruitment partnership focusing on serving to your international staffing requirements. We provide you with culturally diversified teams of young and enthusiastic individuals.

Having variety in your team of staff reinforces adaptability in your workforce. When your camp staff examine situations from multiple cultural perspectives, they learn to be open mınded to finding creative solutions.

This helps create an environment that is free fromchange resistance, in turn creates forward thinking and productivity.

We assist you in building a diversified, multinational team. This gives young American campers the opportunity to learn about different cultures and languages. Additionally, both American and foreign staff can learn from

each other, sharing ideas and gaining priceless experience in terms of leadership, organizational and interpersonal communication skills in a global setting.

Adding international flavour to the tradional American camp culture, brings energy vibrancy, unique skillsets and genuine excitement into American summer camp experience.

When you work with us we offer you solutions and opportunities beyond your expectations.


Campround USA recruiters all come from different countries. We embrace cultural diversity, because”Campground USA is the cultural diversity itself!”

What makes our team unique, is that we all know each other from our mutual previous employer, a multinational organization who has taught us the same organizational culture. Although we are different, we are all one!

We are all former flight attendants. We share the same values and qualities such as acting together to achieve our goals even under pressure, getting results in everthing we do, and a strong work ethic for excellence ( EMİRATES AIRLINE CORE VALUES).

This distinctive trait unites us as a team. This priceless characteristic is our unique blueprint!

We focus on exclusive number of camps and assist you in finding the most qualified candidates. This allows us the dedicated time to respond to your individual camp requirements, promptly and effectively.

Your feedback is taken seriously and conscientiously in order to improve our service to make the summer work experience for you better every year.

Campground USA is a culturally diversified, multinational recruiting team that works like a Swiss knife to respond to all your international staffing needs directly from one source.

At Campground USA we know that a great summer camp experience is all about having the right staff at your disposal, and we understand how stressful and time consuming it can be to select qualified staff for your camp, especially international staff.

Allow us to make the staff selection process easier and stress-free in order for you to focus on having a great summer.