"Connecting Worlds Apart into One"


Campground USA is a multinational recruitment partnership that bridges the gap between USA Summer Camps and young people who want to work and travel in the USA during the summer.

Our recruitment team has work experience in aviation, hospitality, education, counselling and seasonal summer work.

Although our team is culturally diverse, we have worked for the same multinational airline, trained by the same organizational culture.

This unique trait both unites and differenciates us from our competitors.

Most of our team members have USA work and travel experience. We know what it feels like to be away from home and our loved ones, even for a short while.

Our experience abroad, including the time spent in the USA during our camp counselors, support staff or seasonal worker days, help us understand the application

and selection process you too are now experiencing.

The Campground USA team aims to support you throughout the entire process making the experience easier and stress- free.


We sincerely care about you. We guide you through each step. From the application to the digital video introduction process. The selection process and the J1 visa application procedure.

We put you in direct contact with the camp administrators. We act as a bridge between you and the camp creating harmony for all.

We work with a limited number of summer camps and candidates. We provide a personalized service that is beneficial to both the camps and program participants.

We remain in contact with you from the day you join your camp until the day you complete your job. With your valued feedback we make the summer work experience better for everyone, every year.

Campground USA is not just a recruiting partnership, but a career development organization too. We strive to create additional opportunities for you to advance in your chosen career.

When you stay in touch with us, we continue the ongoing professional relationship with you, guiding you forward on your journey ahead.