"Connecting Worlds Apart into One"


Summer camp is an American tradition, and millions of American children attend different types of camps each year. According to the figures released by the American Camper Association

(A.C.A), 7.3 million American children and youths attended summer camps in many different states in 2017 alone.
The America Summer Camp Program is an international cultural exchange program governed by the US Department of State to foster global understanding and cultural exchange. The program
has gained a new dimension by including young people into the program from different countries of the world. Thus these young people from different countries can have the opportunity to
learn about American culture. They can work and travel in the USA with J-1 Cultural Exchange visa offered within the program run by a number of selected American visa sponsoring organizations under the supervision of
the U.S. Department of State.
The program is an important part of the US public diplomasy efforts. All the international perticipants are expected to return to their home countries after completing their programs to share their
exchange experiences. Participants are allowed to travel in the USA for 1 month after their working period ends. However, whole stay in the USA cannot exceed 4 months in total.


Summer camps in the USA are divided into two main catagories.
1- Day Camps- At the end of the day’s activities, American childeren and youths who participate in the camp leave the camp and return to their homes.
2- Sleep Over Camps- They usually last between 9-11 weeks.
Although the camps are generally divided into two as day and boarding (sleep over) camps, they are also divided into different types in terms of the activities organized.
Traditional: These are traditional summer camps. They are camps where many different activities are organized.
Specialist: These are the camps where activities carried out by expert trainers. Such as tennis, basketball, archery and water sports etc.
Active Fait Based: These camps host the children of families belonging to a certain religious belief. Such as Christian and Jewish camps.
Campers from underprivileged backgrounds: These camps are run by educational institutes and charities.
Special Needs: These camps host disabled children, teenagers and young adults.


Camp Counselors:
They are responsible of ensuring that the patipating children have an active summer period, keeping them busy with various activities.
They plan, organize daily activities. They also track and record participation in those activities.
They guide children in character development, respond to behaviour problems, conflicts and unwanted accidents.
They teach certain skills and also ensure safety and security of participating campers.


Camp Support Staff:
They are the backbone of the camps. Without them, camps cannot function properly.
They have different types of duties and responsibilities. These tasks are:
Kitchen, Maintenance, Logistics, Laundry, Bakery, Housekeeping (for adult camps).


Which of the following characteristics define you? By answering this question you can figure out which role may be the right choice for you.
For Camp Counselors:

  • Enjoying the time spent with children.
  • Leadership and coaching
  • Attention
  • Effective communication skills
  • Patience
  • Problem solving and conflict management skills
  • Organizational and planning skills
  • Compassionate personality
  • Teaching ability-Physical or artistic skills
  • Good English level
  • Minimum 18 years of age

For Camp Support Staff:

  • Maturity
  • Sense of duty and responsibility
  • Time management skill
  • Team work
  • Self motivation
  • At least intermediate English level
  • Minimum 18 years of age


-Accommodation conditions in all summer camps are pretty much the same. Participants usually stay together in single-story dormitories made of wood. But girls and boys stay in separate dormitories.
Camp Couselors generally stay in the same dormitory with the childeren they are responsible for.
-On the other hand, Camp Support Staff generally stay in dormitories for 6-12 people. These dormitories have showers and toilets. However, you can clarify this issue before making a decision for yourself
by asking to the camp official about the accommodation possibilities of the camp during the job interview.
-All of the camps have a large dining hall, laundry facilities, first aid clinic, meeting rooms and different types of covered and open activity areas.
-Important Note: Contrary to popular belief, you do not stay in tents in the camps!


Altough the American Summer Camp Program is a cultural exchange program, it is also a work program. Both camp counselors and camp support staff are in the camp to work, not to take a vacation.
An intense work schedule awaits you in the camps.The day starts quite early in the camps and continues until the early evening hours.Getting up early in the morning and getting to work is part of the camp culture. However, that does not mean you cannot have fun at all! You can make the work a fun activety and also have fun time after work. You will be in an multinational environment at the camp. You will make lots of friends. But work always comes first, then fun!
Besides, you can benefit from some in- camp activities on your days off, unless otherwise stated by the camp administarion. You have the right to use those days off as you wish since you will have one day off per week. Staff members who have the same day off usually spend that day travelling together.
As we mentioned above, you can also benefit from many activities by staying at the camp. Briefly, how and with whom you spend your day off is entirely your choice.


First of all the experience you will have in the USA Summer Camp Program will give you beautiful memories that you will cherish for the rest of your lives.
You will get the opportunity to get to know about different cultures. You will have the opportunity to meet and make friends with partipants from different countries.
Your English proficiency will undoubtedly increase. You will notice that you are getting rid of your shyness, especially about speaking English.
The time which you will spend away from your family in another country, will mature you as a person.Traveling alone as a young adult and going to a foreign country will help you a lot in terms of self-confidence.
You will have the right to travel in the USA for 1 month after the camp.
You will benefit from this opportunity in a very economical way in financial terms.
In terms of your CV, having experience of living and working abroad will make a clear difference.
As soon as you return from the USA, you will most likely look forward to the next summer season to rejoin the program.


To join the the program, simply contact us. Also you can reach us via our instagram page, we will be happy to answer your questions.